Why do my lightbulbs keep blowing?

Lots of people complain that their light bulbs blow routinely and we run through the primary factors that this happens. It is not likely that the problem you have is a major one. Your circuit breakers (MCB) in your home are developed to trip if there is any fault in the wiring. A bulb blowing might journey the switch, however supplying a brand new bulb replaced in the fitting does not blow quickly than you can try to find one of these small problems.

Firstly isolate the power supply to the bulb– turn it off at the main fuse board to be sure.

  • Don’t buy cheap light bulbs– they are a false economy
  • Overwhelming a system– when the light fitting says an optimum wattage for the bulbs that suggests the life of the bulb might be reduced if you overload it
  • Using too many bulbs of the ‘right’ wattage in a light fitting– you ought to focus on the maximum number of watts permitted the entire fitting. This is a common problem with halogen bulbs
  • There may be a loose connection in the light holder
  • If the fitting is a spring filled one make certain it is fitting comfortably against the bulb, and not loose
  • The ‘live’ wire in the fitting may be loose

If you change the bulb and the fuse journeys instantly, you ought to employ an electrician to source the issue.

For the sake of security can we duplicate that you must make sure you have actually turned the power off to the light fitting before you try to do any maintenance.

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