A Path to Sell Your Home

What is the fist thing prospective buyers see when they visit your home? What about the garden path?

All of us understand that having actually a newly painted front door, with pots of healthy plants either side, makes a fantastic first impression on visitors. If you are selling your home this is one of the very first ‘selling tips’ you will see on numerous blog sites and sites, but have you considered what your path is saying about your residential or commercial property?

Does your garden state ‘low upkeep and elegant’ or ‘poorly kept (due to the fact that I dislike gardening)’? You can transform a shabby garden path in a number of weekends. Spend a long time in the evenings of the very first week snapping through gardening ideas, preparing what you want and purchasing the products you need. You can use our ‘Creating a Garden Path’ project to assist you select layout, materials, and designs. Then spend the weekend cleaning away old paving and laying the structures.

Decisions to make

  • Straight or curved- curved lines are more ‘friendly’ straight lines more official
  • Paved, gravel, concrete or paviers– or a mix for texture
  • Planting around or in between slabs
  • Is it prematurely for a revival of crazy paving?

The next weekend can be used laying the weed control material, gravel or paving, planting some attractive flowers or plants, and doing a bit of sweeping and weeding, to make certain your front garden is saying what you wish to prospective home purchasers. Make the front of your house a fantastic ad for what is within.

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