10 Energy Saving Tips

There are great deals of energy saving products on the market consisting of energy saving light bulbs, which we are all knowledgeable about by now, however other energy conserving gadgets includes refrigerators, cleaning devices and boilers.

It makes sense for house owners and renters to employ energy conserving concepts, and they don’t even have to cost you any money to execute, as you will see from our energy saving methods listed below:

  1. Insulate your loft
    This is the most expense effective energy conserving house Improvement project you can perform in your house, and you can discover our how in our DIY Projects.
  2. Have cavity walls insulated
    If your walls are not currently insulated then this is an exceptional energy conserving Home Improvement job which will save you approximately 30% of your homes heat loss, discover more in our DIY Projects on Cavity Wall Insulation.
  3. Draughtproof your house
    If you can feel cold air coming through doors and windows then heat is getting away. You can loose approximately 20% of your home’s heat lost though drafts. Find out how to fit draft excluders to windows and doors and stop drafts in our DIY Projects section.
  4. Fill in any fractures around window frames and along skirting boards
    If you have exposed floorboards you may need to fill in fractures in between floorboards to stop draughts, and we discuss how to do that in our Do It Yourself Projects section.
  5. Turn down your warm water to 60 degrees C
    If you water thermostat it is set higher than sixty degrees, then your system will merely include cold water to it to bring it down to this much safer temperature, so you are losing energy making it hotter than it requires to be. This is free to carry out too.
  6. Decline your room thermostat by 1 degree
    Another totally free energy saving step, this costs you nothing but may conserve you approximately 5% of your energy intake, and it is unlikely you will discover the distinction in terms of sensation warm and comfy.
  7. Do not heat unused rooms
    This likewise costs nothing, simply switch off the radiator or heating unit in an unused room, and close the door to keep the other spaces warm. Please keep in mind that you must ‘air’ the room and check for condensation each day, since this room will be cool, and you do not desire the air to wither causing mould and mildew, see our condensation project to find out more.
  8. Energy conserving Grants
    There are lots of Government initiatives to encourage homeowners to execute energy saving products. You can discover more on our sister site BeEnergySmart on their Grants and Offers pages, and there is more info about the grants readily available on the Energy Saving Trust website.
  9. Fit a new A-rated gas boiler
    Old boilers mishandle and pricey to run you can learn more about brand-new Combination Boilers in our Projects Section.
  10. You could save money by switching to a brand-new energy provider
    You can check out the tariffs available on any number of energy contrast sites we like the one by Which called Which Switch– we are a sucker for a rhyme! Saving energy also assists to reduce the impact on the environment and you can enhance this additional by utilising green energy where possible.

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