Fitting Shutters to Windows

Shutters have actually ended up being incredibly popular in the UK for a variety of reasons, they are decorative, they shade houses from hot sun and supply personal privacy without the requirement for naff webs. Shutters can likewise be used to provide extra insulation and security in your home.

Interior and Exterior Shutters
Shutters are typically made from wood, metal or composite products, and they come in various colours either painted surfaces or wood stain to match the client’s decoration and taste. Shutters can be fitted to the beyond a home, and outside shutters are generally strong, although fitting louvered external shutters can look lovely on the right house. Internal shutters were generally strong pine in Victorian homes, however these days most internal shutters are louvre shutters, likewise known as Plantation Shutters. The louvers are available in various basic sizes– 47mm, 63mm, 89mm and 114mm, and the choice of size will depend upon the size of the window and on individual preference.

It is also a matter of personal preference where the shutters are fitted. The choices are to fit them to the within the window reveal, on the edge of the expose, or even on the outside of the reveal.

You can pick whether to have the shutters made and fitted for you or you can fit them yourself offering you are a moderately able DIYer. We have projects that will help you fix your shutters and battens to masonry on the primary site in our How To area.

The company who supplies your shutters will probably choose to come and measure the windows themselves to ensure the measurements are accurate.

The main problem you may experience is that while shutters are made square your windows might not be perfectly square, particularly if you live in an older house. One method to conquer this is to fit the shutters onto a frame. You can then make sure the surround is square before you try to fit your shutters. This can be quickly achieved by scribing and fitting battens to the within your window recess.

Shutter Styles and shapes.
Complete height shutters are precisely what they sound like– they comprise of a set of shutters which fit either side of the window and are a high as the window.

Tier on tier are two (or more) sets of shutter on top of each other allowing you to open or close part of the areas to fit the weather condition or to fit your personal privacy requirements.

Tracked shutters— these are planned to allow you to have shutters on a length longer than 2 m period, however they can likewise be used for wardrobe doors or as a room divider. They concertina along the track so they use up very little space when they are folded back.

Café shutters come about half way up a window and help to provide privacy, leaving the top half of the window open up to the light.

Shutters can likewise be made in other shapes such as round, half-round and triangular, and can be fitted to windows and doors and even to conservatory roofings.

Shutters make a trendy and more long lasting option to window blinds and they are easily maintained by regular dusting and cleaning with a moist cloth sometimes.

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