Keeping Cool and Keeping Safe – 10 Tips to Survive the Heatwave

We all tend to relax in the long hot summer season days, and that is fantastic, but do not let unwind ended up being lax, when it comes to house security.

Of course you wish to have air entering the house when it is so hot, but you need to make sure that you preserve house security too.

A robber searches for weaknesses in security since it makes their task much easier. This means that hot weather can likewise be big business for robbers and thieves due to the fact that they understand that lots of people will be off their guard when it concerns leaving windows slightly open or back doors opened. We have all done it but it’s an open welcome for individuals to take your things’, described an agent from CCTV42. ‘Of course, if you have security CCTV in place then not just is it a noticeable deterrent, it can suggest that even if you do suffer a security breach, you ought to have exceptional quality video proof of who the burglar or thief was.”

Here are our top 10 heat-busting ideas, with security in mind!
Windows– Use your windows correctly. You can open most modern windows just a crack and lock them in that position. If you have sash windows open the leading and the bottom area to create a convection present and take in cooler air at the bottom and take out warmer air at the top (set up locks to ensure they are open without enabling access to thieves). Shut and lock your windows when you are out– double glazed windows will assist keep out the heat, especially if you shade the windows (see the next bit). If you do not have window locks discover how to fit them.
Curtains- Shut your curtains in spaces where the sun is shining in, even if you are home, because the light can be found in means there is more heat can be found in too. Use black out material or blackout blinds to provide you the most protection against the heat. You can keep your curtains closed while the windows are open to permit a cool draft while safeguarding the space from the sun.
Shutters- Install security shutters or metal grilles. That way you can leave the doors and windows open up to the air without being open to burglars. This deserves doing if you reside in a location where you get too hot regularly.
Blood circulation– Try to get a draft through your home, open windows on opposite sides of your house or flat, and you may require to prop them open. Open windows on the ground and top floors to create a convection present– warm air increases so direct it out through top floor windows.
Security Devices- Install a CCTV camera and intruder alarm to assist deter the opportunity burglar. (See the quote from Buckinghamshire based CCTV42 above, and have a look at their CCTV buyers guide online.).
Cooking- Cook outdoors if you can. If you use your BBQ, or eat salads, then you are not adding heat to your home. Please do not use a BBQ on a veranda– the Fire Brigade have provided cautions about the increase of flat fires brought on by doing this. You might get an electrical frying pan but make sure you have an RCB and do not leave it outside after usage, where it could get wet.
Extractor- Have a fantastic extractor fan in the bathroom and kitchen– to take out any heat and steam you produce when cooking or bathing. Proper ventilation helps keep the house cooler, see more about Ventilation and Ducting.
Water- Drink loads of water, your body needs water to help regulate your body’s temperature. Keeping a container of water in the fridge will offer you a cooling result. Sit with your feet in a bowl of cool water, this will assist keep your whole body temperature cooler, and you can add a couple of ice every so often. Spay a mist of cool water onto you skin using a tidy garden water spray– make sure it has no chemicals in it!
Stay in the shade- During the hottest part of the day, 11am– 4 pm, attempt to avoid of the sun if you are impacted by the heat. Set up a garden awning or parasol to provide yourself shade in the garden, take an umbrella out with you if you are walking. If you are repairing and awning outside you might need to understand more about fixing to concrete and steel lintels.
Purchase a fan- use a fan to give yourself a breath of air, this is especially helpful in the bed room during the night to help you sleep.

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